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What Ages Will Children Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Everyone gets two sets of teeth: baby and adult teeth. Wondering when children will lose their baby teeth is common for parents. Here's a look at the ages when the various teeth are likely to fall out.

Fall Out In the Order They Came In

In the majority of cases, your children's teeth will fall out in the same order that they appeared. If your children got their front bottom teeth first, there are high chances that those will be the first to go. Front teeth tend to fall out before the back ones. This is normal unless there has been some trauma to the mouth where other teeth have been damaged.

The first teeth will usually start to fall out when children are six or seven years old, according to Baby Center. Most of the time, the permanent teeth will push the baby teeth out, making way for their appearance. It is possible for some children to lose their first tooth around four years without trauma, while some won't see the first tooth fall out until they are eight.

Losing the Back Teeth

The front teeth tend to leave the mouth by the time a child is eight. Children will still have the cuspids and back teeth until they are 10-12 years old, according to Today's Parent. This stage can be the most painful, as the back permanent teeth will also start pushing through.

Trauma and Special Needs

As mentioned, trauma can lead to teeth falling out early. This is often due to the nerves being damaged. Trauma can be something as simple as falling in the playground and knocking the teeth. In some cases, the teeth will turn gray or black first, hinting that nerve damage has occurred.

Children with special needs will often find their mouth develops at a slower rate. They will usually get their teeth later and lose them later than average. If there is a permanent tooth missing for some reason, the baby tooth may remain in the mouth for longer, since there is nothing to push it out. A dentist will be able to tell you if this is a problem.

On a side note, girls tend to lose their teeth before boys will. They also usually get their teeth earlier.

Don't worry if your child hasn't lost a tooth by the time he/she is seven or eight. Take your child to the dentist for x-rays to find out what is going on underneath the gums.

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