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How To Find The Perfect Shade Of White For A Natural Look When Choosing Veneers

Tooth bleaching can only reveal your natural shade of white, but adding veneers to cover damage and stubborn stains can take your smile into the realm of unnatural brightness. You've likely noticed at least one celebrity or politician whose teeth clash with their natural coloring and end up looking distracting rather than natural. Pick the perfect shade for your veneers with these handy tips.

Sample the Whites of Your Eyes

A common tip offered by dentists is to draw inspiration from the color of the whites of your eyes. Unless you have health problems or a genetic predisposition to particularly yellow eyes, you'll end up with a color that isn't brighter than the other white portion of your face. Taking your teeth beyond that level of white tends to create a visual clash between your eyes and your mouth.

Consider Your Skin Tone

While white teeth always pop when presented against a darker backdrop of tanned skin, this effect can go too far. Tone down the brightness of your new veneers based on your natural coloring and your routine tanning habits. For example, a person with very dark olive skin will look more natural with veneers two to three shades darker than a person with a light tan.

Sample Temporary Veneers

The best way to determine what looks most natural for your face is to ask your dentist to make a few sample veneers in varying shades of brightness. Start with a temporary set at the highest brightness and give yourself a few days to decide how well they fit your face. Moving down slowly to less and less bright veneers will help you pinpoint the perfect shade and get feedback from the people in your life before anything is permanently attached to your teeth.

Remember Your Age

It's natural for our teeth to get a little darker as we age, even if they're not stained or yellowing. Putting blinding white teeth in the mouth of a 60 year old creates a very obvious visual clash between what we expect to see and what's really there. Choosing a shade with some blue tones to it can help you get a more natural look that fits your age while still allowing you to enjoy a bright white color.

Choose Dynamic Veneers

Finally, it's possible to choose a very white shade without looking unnatural if you choose veneers built with small imperfections and almost imperceptible color variations. These little details make the teeth look more natural regardless of the specific shade you pick, especially when compared to perfectly polished and smooth veneers.

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