Preventing Tooth Decay To Maintain Healthy Teeth

3 Early Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

To have a healthy and appealing smile, you probably already know the importance of brushing your teeth and visiting a dentist regularly. Unfortunately, certain oral health conditions may develop even when following recommendations by your dentist. While shocking for most people to learn, around half of Americans have some form of periodontal disease. This condition not only affects the look of your smile, but also your ability to eat and speak. For effective treatment of gum disease, use this guide to determine if you are showing some early warning signs.


Proper brushing and professional cleanings can remove the buildup of plaque and food that may linger between your teeth, but these simple tasks are not priorities for everyone. Without proper oral health, the buildup of plaque and tartar can cause bacteria to develop inside the mouth, resulting in gum disease. However, the buildup and bacteria will also dry out your mouth, causing bad breath.

If your mouth is constantly dry and you are suffering with chronic bad breath, you may have an early form of periodontal disease.

Bleeding Gums

Light bleeding of the gums is common during and after brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, gum tissue that is red, swollen, and bleeding each time you brush your teeth is a more serious problem.

As bacteria spreads, the gum tissue will become red, swollen, and inflamed. This inflammation not only causes discomfort, but it will also cause the gums to bleed when affected by the slightest amount of pressure. Brushing and flossing will cause the gums to bleed, but you may notice the bleeding while chewing certain goods, as well.

Receding Gums, Larger Teeth

Gum disease also causes your gum tissue to wear down and shrink away. This is known as gum recession, which can create many problems for the look of your smile and your comfort.

When the gum tissue shrinks away, it will cause the roots of your teeth to be exposed, allowing air, food, and other particles to make contact. This exposure of the tooth roots can cause intense sensitivity and enormous pain for some individuals.

In addition to the pain and discomfort, receding gums will also cause your smile to look abnormal. Not only will you less gum tissue, but your teeth will also appear larger than normal. When your smile is affected in this manner, you may also suffer with self-esteem and confidence issues.

Gum disease is a serious condition that can lead to severe decay and the loss of your teeth. If you are experiencing one or more of the above early signs, consult your dentist immediately to determine if you have gum disease.