Preventing Tooth Decay To Maintain Healthy Teeth

What Are Dental Craze Lines?

Do you notice these odd vertical lines on your teeth, and are wondering what they are? These are known as craze lines, and they are quite common. Here are a few things you need to know about craze lines. 

Are Craze Lines Noticeable To Others?

The nice thing to know about craze lines is that they are not typically something that other people notice unless they are really close to your teeth. The lines do tend to become more noticeable as your teeth become stained though, so keeping your oral health in good condition is a way to help make them less noticeable to others.

Can Craze Lines Form Over Time?

Craze lines are not something that your teeth naturally have, since they form over time. That's why more adults tend to have them due to there being more time for them to form. It usually happens from the normal process of biting with your teeth, with that force helping the teeth develop those craze lines. As you can imagine, it takes years of pressure for craze lines to form, and people that use more pressure when chewing or grinding their teeth may cause the lines to form faster.

Should You Be Worried About Craze Lines?

While craze lines may look like a crack, they are not something that you should be worried about. They are more of a cosmetic issue since it does not mean that your teeth are going to crack because you have craze lines. There is always a risk that your craze lines can become worse and lead to a tooth fracture, but that is very rare. Your dentist can monitor your craze lines during your dental checkups.

Think of those craze lines like a piece of porcelain china that has developed hairline cracks. You can still use a plate that has these hairlines cracks and it could be fine for many years, but it could break as well if you do not take care of the plate. 

How Do Prevent Craze Lines From Forming?

In order to stop craze lines from forming, you should break the bad habits that cause more pressure than normal to be put on your teeth. This means breaking the habit of biting your nails, chewing on pens and other foreign objects, and dealing with grinding and clenching during the night. If you do grind your teeth while you sleep, consider wearing a nightguard to prevent this from happening. 

For more information on craze lines, contact your dentist today.