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3 Causes of Denture Discomfort—And What to Do About Them

Getting dentures can be life-changing in making your life more convenient. Designed specifically to your mouth, dentures can allow you to chew and speak as normally as possible, and give you freedom that you have been lacking from missing or destroyed teeth.

If your dentures are causing your discomfort, there are ways you can battle these issues and make your mouth feel much more comfortable. Learn reasons why your dentures may be bugging you, and how you can find relief.

Ill-fitting dentures

If your dentures started out feeling great and now don't feel as comfortable as they should, it could be due to changes in your mouth. As you age, the shape of your mouth changes, which can make your dentures start to slip and feel out of place.

A CDT can make your dentures more comfortable for you by redesigning them to fit your mouth. To get your dentures to fit you the most comfortably, make sure you wear your current ones when you visit the specialist so they can see just where potential adjustments need to be made.

Denture adhesives causing you issues

If you hate having to use denture creams, pads, or powders due to the flavor or the mess, then you're not alone. Many people complain about denture adhesives being too thick and making their mouths more uncomfortable than ever.

If denture adhesives are a pain for you, a denturist such as The Denture Studio can help you choose another way to make your dentures feel more comfortable in your mouth. Bone shrinkage and gum issues can make your dentures loose enough where you need adhesives to help you out, and a simple exam can help make your dentures fit better so you don't have to rely on adhesives as often.

Hard dentures that hurt your gums

Classic acrylic dentures can be hard on your teeth. If your dentures are irritating your gums, you can switch to soft denture, which is made out of a more flexible resin that is designed to slip less and provide more comfort to your gums and mouth.

Soft dentures are particularly beneficial if you have a very hard time having your mouth fitted to dentures and have to have them redesigned all the time. You can ask your dentist if soft dentures are right for you so you can get the relief and comfort you deserve.

Wearing dentures can change your life for the better, and even if they become uncomfortable for you, there are many ways you can feel relief. If your dentures are bothering you, know how to combat your discomfort so you can feel great about your mouth again.