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3 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Healthy During A Picnic

When the weather starts to warm up, you start getting invitations to go out with your friends. Whether you are meeting up for drinks at a restaurant, having a pizza and watching a movie, or meeting up for a picnic in the park, you want to make sure that you keep your mouth healthy while enjoying delicious food and sweet treats. Regular brushing and flossing should still be a part of your everyday routine. It is also a good idea to carry around a travel toothbrush if you expect to be gone for long hours. You can also take additional steps to keep your mouth healthy. Here are three ways to keep your mouth healthy during a picnic.

Drink water after every meal or snack.

If you do not have a toothbrush close at hand, your next best bet is to drink plenty of water. Follow any meal, especially one that is heavy on sugar and acid, with a refreshing glass of water. Not only are you staying hydrated, but you are also helping to fight bad breath and tooth decay by loosening and washing away food particles that get stuck between your teeth and gums. Without sugar and acid particles to bond with, bad bacteria in your mouth cannot create as much plaque.

Have a crunchy piece of fruit after dessert.

After enjoying a sweet treat, top off your meal with a crunchy piece of fruit. Fruits such apples and pears are sweet and pair well with a dessert, and they require rigorous chewing to break down. The rigorous chewing stimulates saliva production, and the extra saliva helps to wash away food residues that are left behind. You can satisfy your sweet tooth while also taking care of your teeth. You can also reach for a crunchy vegetable such as a carrot or celery stick if you are in the mood for something savory.

Use xylitol sweeteners instead of sugar.

Whether you are having iced tea or a cup of coffee, make sure you swap out your regular sugar for a xylitol sweetener instead. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is beneficial for your teeth. A study showed that xylitol gum had a positive impact on gum chewers. Participants who where in the xylitol group reported a reduction in dental caries and periodontal disease versus those participants in the group with regular chewing gum that had been sweetened with regular sugar.

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