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Low Cost Dental Care For Your Family

A visit to the dentist can be a costly venture for those without dental insurance. However, there are different options available for seeing a dentist in your area even though you may be uninsured and low on money. You may not be able to pick the dentist that you wish to visit with all options, but you and your family can receive affordable dental care.

Payment plans 

Many dentists offer payment plans in lieu of full payment at the time of treatment. This is especially true for customers with ongoing relationships with the dentist or customers who need a series of treatments that are prohibitively expensive if paid in full up front.

A down payment is often required, especially for more costly and complex procedures, but it allows the patient to receive necessary care without waiting until they can pay in full.

Dental schools

You can receive quality dental care at a fraction of the cost of a private practice at a dental school. The work is performed by dental students, under the direction of skilled instructors.

Many dental schools only offer treatment for a few hours per day. Because appointment times may be limited even for routine procedures such as cleanings and checkups, they should be reserved well in advance of the day and time desired .

Emergency treatment is also available at dental schools, but it is likely limited to stabilizing issues such as dental pain, excessive oral bleeding or infections.

Medicaid dental benefits for children

While there are no federal mandates that require that states provide dental care for adults receiving Medicaid assistance, all children must be provided with dental care. Medicaid is medical insurance provided by individual states to individuals and families who fall below a state's poverty level, according to family size and income.

Dental care for children is handled separately from medical care, which is provided by private managed care networks. Children's dental care through Medicaid is provided by private dentists who accept Medicaid payments, and is managed through private networks that contract with state agencies such as the Healthy Smiles Program in Maryland.

Of course, in a dental emergency with severe pain or excessive bleeding, you can always go to a local hospital emergency room. Although such treatment will result in a substantial bill, many hospitals have emergency dentists available for these services.

They will stabilize patients without requiring proof of insurance coverage or ability to pay, but you will still need to see a dentist for actual dental work after your visit to the emergency room.

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