Preventing Tooth Decay To Maintain Healthy Teeth

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Dentists and sociologists both have plenty to say about your smile, often calling it your calling card. Whatever way you think of it, our teeth give people indications about who we are, or at least, who they think we might be.

Straight, white teeth are valued in our society and explain the high demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as the application of porcelain veneers. A genuine smile that fully shows your teeth can signal confidence and success to others. On the flip side, if you aren't happy with your teeth and are reluctant to smile, you can project a less-than-assertive image.

Aggressive or pushover?

According to an article from Carrington College, your canine teeth can reveal insights into your personality. Prominent, pointy canines indicate an aggressive nature. Rounded canines that stand out less say that you're more laid back or passive. If you've got tiny canines, you might be a pushover.

Your two front teeth

Your central incisors, also known as your two front teeth, give away your age. In young people, the central incisors are rounded at their corners. As time goes on and people age, the teeth become shorter and more square.

A small gap between your two front teeth is a sign of lust and sensuality in women, according to a study on how smiles are perceived that was conducted by a group of dentists and scientists. While a front tooth gap might send some people running to the orthodontist, there are cultures that consider a gap between the front teeth especially attractive. It's not uncommon for those gap-loving cultures to have spaces put into their smiles through cosmetic dentistry.

Other tales teeth tell

Those who have a gummy smile, one that shows the gums above the teeth, project a child-like innocence that can inspire trust in others. And not surprisingly, the color of your teeth can reveal whether you're a smoker or enjoy getting amped up on coffee all day. While people won't be able to tell exactly what contributed to the discoloration of your teeth, stained enamel can give the impression that you're older. A study by Oral-B found that whiter teeth can make people appear five years younger. Whiter teeth also increased attractiveness ratings by 20 percent. Another study showed that people who had their teeth whitened were more likely to receive a job offer or a second date, highlighting the weight that a smile carries in making a positive first impression.

Whether the impression your smile makes on others is based on science or folklore, your teeth say a lot, and taking care of them can have unexpected rewards.