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2 Oral Rinses To Help Soothe Your Teeth After Ultrasonic Debridement

If you are suffering from extreme plaque buildup, then your general dentist may suggest a deep cleaning procedure called debridement. This procedure is designed to break down the tartar and plaque that surround your gumline and teeth. If the bacteria buildup is left untreated then, this can often result in extreme dental problems like periodontal disease. As a result, a debridement procedure often the uses the help of ultrasonic cleaning devices in order to efficiently remove the buildup from your mouth. This deep cleaning procedure is more intense, therefore, it can leave your teeth and gums feeling sore. Fortunately, there are a few dental rinses that you can use to ease sore gums and teeth after an ultrasonic debridement procedure.

Raspberry Leaf Rinse

Raspberries are frequently eaten as a snack or incorporated with other ingredients. However, the leaves are not as popular, but they offer a myriad of benefits. The leaves are typically used to treat wounds and ease pain because of their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Raspberry leaves can come in handy when trying to relieve pain after an ultrasonic debridement procedure. A rinse can be created from the leaves by soaking fresh leaves in warm water. Allow the leaves to soak overnight for hours. The next day, warm up the mixture on the stove until it boils. Remove the raspberry leaves, and wait for the mixture to cool. Use the rinse to cleanse around your gumline and teeth. Soak your mouth in the mixture for several minutes before rinsing.

Aloe Vera Rinse

Aloe vera is a popular plant that is used to treat a host of ailments and illnesses because of its healing properties. The plant can be found in mouthwashes because of its antibacterial properties. These same properties can be used to create a dental rinse that will help to soothe any soreness after ultrasonic debridement. In order to create an aloe vera rinse, use fresh aloe vera gel from a fresh aloe vera plant. Place the gel in a blender that is filled with a few cups of water. Blend the mixture until smooth. If the mixture is too thick, add more water until it becomes the consistency of a mouthwash. Add a few drops of lemon juice, then blend again for a few minutes. Remove the mixture from the blender and use it to rinse your entire mouth. The longer that you keep the rinse in your mouth, the more effective the aloe vera will be at soothing any pain.

Dealing with pain and soreness after ultrasonic debridement is difficult to avoid. Therefore, use these dental rinses to help offer you some relief.