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5 Ways To Treat Your Toothache At Home

There are many different ways to treat an aching tooth. Although it is not recommended to delay visiting a dentist if you are experiencing dental pain, you may find it difficult to withstand the discomfort until you arrive at the dental office. Here are a few ways to treat a toothache at home:


Salt is a natural disinfectant. If you're experiencing tooth pain, simply mix a spoonful of table salt into a cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth with the solution until you feel the toothache subsiding. The salt water will not only disinfect your mouth. It will help shrink the inflamed tissues associated with the toothache.

Many toothaches that result from decay can cause an oral infection. A saltwater solution can help discourage the infection from spreading until you reach the dentist. If the tooth is abscessed or infected, the dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics before proceeding with treatment.

Salt Mixed with Pepper

Adding water to equal amounts of salt and pepper can form a paste that can relieve tooth pain. Simply apply the mixture directly to the aching tooth and allow the pain to lessen. This can be repeated as often as needed.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a disinfecting mouthwash. The concentration of the solution that is available over-the-counter is usually three percent. Still, for some people,  it is strong enough to cause a burning sensation in the mouth.

To use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse, dilute it by adding an equal amount of water. As you rinse with the solution, the oral bacteria that may be causing the dental infection or gum inflammation  are killed.

A Tea Bag

Some people find relief by placing a tea bag at the site of their dental pain. The tea can help soothe the inflamed tooth and draw out the infection. The tea bag can be left in place for hours at a time, and the bag can be inserted straight from the package. The tea bag does not have to be soaked in water before applying it.

Oral Pain-relieving Gels

Over-the-counter oral analgesic gels can also be used to help relieve tooth pain. The medication can be rubbed along the gums that surround the painful tooth. Be sure to only use the gel as often as directed. If the gel does not relieve the toothache as effectively or as long as needed, resort to a natural remedy.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area, like Family Dental Center TriCities, PC, as soon as possible.