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3 Questions To Ask When Looking At Dental Implants

Many people struggle with an imperfect smile. Whether it be that a sporting activity knocked a tooth out or something else caused you to lose one, you deserve to have a beautiful smile once again. This is where dental implants can come in and help you out. They offer a solution for just about anyone looking to replace a missing tooth. If you are looking at getting an implant, here are a few questions to ask possible providers (such as NYC Center for Dental Implants).  

How long does the process take?

One of the first questions many individuals have about dental implants is how long it is going to take to get the implants put in. You need to understand that dental implants aren't something that can be done in just one sitting. It takes time between the appointments to make sure your implant is securely affixed to your bone and your body isn't rejecting the implant. One visit is for the implant post to be put in your mouth, another visit is for follow-up to make sure it healed properly, another visit is for your crown fitting and so on. As you can see, it is a multi-step process that takes you on the journey to a brand new smile.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Many people also worry that they aren't going to be a good candidate for implant surgery. However, that often isn't the case. As long as you are in good overall health and have good bone structure and healthy gums, you shouldn't have any problems. There is no right age for implants. It is all based on your individual situation. The specialist will be able to do an exam to see what needs to be done and if your mouth is ready to proceed with the procedure.

What can be expected after the procedure?

Many worry that they aren't going to be able to do much after their implant procedure. Many people are able to go back to work the same day after having the implant post put in if they so choose. You can expect a little swelling and discomfort, but it isn't anything that is going to leave you stuck at home in a bed recovering. You should be able to resume the things that you normally would within a few hours, bar eating of course. The specialist will give you a list of foods that you can or cannot eat to help you out.

By asking the three questions above, you can make sure your implant is a positive experience.