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Three Reasons To Visit A Family Dentist

What's the difference between a family dentist and a regular dentist? A family dentist, such as Rupp and Grabowski Family Dentistry, will be able to see everyone in your family no matter what their age. A regular dentist will typically refer anyone under the age of 18 to a pediatric dentist who specializes in child dental health. Here are three reasons you should choose a family dentist over other options for your family:


When you choose a family dentist, convenience is a sure thing. After all, you will be making all dentist appointments at the same place, which also ensures that you can all visit the dentist on the same day and have appointments back to back. This way, you only have to miss one day of work and the kids only have to miss one day of school instead of you having to pull both kids out on separate days and missing more work yourself so that you can take them to their appointments.

Understands Family Dental Health History:

There are many dental health issues that can be genetic, such as gum disease. For this reason, it's important that your family dentist knows your family's dental health history so that they know what kind of problems to look out for in your children. This is definitely something that is going to be easy for a family dentist because they work on both you and your children so they have a full scope of your dental health and will know what to better pay attention to when treating your children. 

Promotes Good Habits:

When you visit your family dentist with your children and you are all treated together, it promotes good habits in your children. When they know that you are visiting the dentist too, they can better see why it's so important and it will make them feel more confident, as well. This is especially great if your children are afraid of the dentist. When you see the dentist right before they do, it can boost their confidence because they will see that no harm has been done to you. It also allows them to develop a better connection with their dentist, who will seem more like a family friend than a scary dentist.

When you know these three reasons to visit a family dentist, you can see why it's best to choose a dentist who specializes in family care instead of dividing your family up between different dentists in the area.