Preventing Tooth Decay To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Worried A Chip Will Require Tooth Replacement? What To Know Before You Pull

A chip in the tooth isn't enjoyable, and if you are wondering what to do with the tooth, there are some things that you should take into consideration to help maintain your oral health. A lot of times people think that extreme oral surgery is required for fixing a chip in a tooth, but in reality technology has greatly improved how chips can be repaired. Here are some things to know so you don't make a mistake when choosing a treatment option, and to preserve your oral health.

Keep the Tooth

Don't rush to extract the tooth so you can have an implant put in. You also don't want to have the tooth shaved down or minimized in any way so that it can be covered with a veneer. Removing it to put a bridge in also isn't a good idea, because once the tooth is extracted or altered it can never be returned back to its natural condition. Instead, the dentist should be able to build on what is left.

Try Resin

Resin coatings that are applied over and over to fill in, add height and coat the tooth are going to restore the appearance of the tooth. The resin is available in natural colors to help match the other teeth in the mouth, and dentists can work with to shape it like the other teeth in the mouth. This durable option is a great alternative to removing the tooth, and instead the chip can be filled in as a solution. 

File the Edge

If the tooth isn't one that can be easily seen by other you may just want to file the tooth down, and then have it covered with a protective coating. You don't want a sharp edge cutting the inside of your mouth or catching food, but if the chip can't be seen and doesn't bother you, filing may be the fastest and easiest solution until more has to be done with the tooth later on.

Don't be quick to have your tooth filed halfway down and covered with a veneer, or to have it extracted completely for a fake tooth option. Instead, preserve the tooth that you have and see what the dentist can do with a resin to build up the area with the chip, and to help make the tooth look natural again. This is great first choice solution to look into for your smile and wallet.