Preventing Tooth Decay To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Crack Your Tooth But Embarrassed to See Dentist? Get An Appointment Or Face These Problems Today

If you have some pain and you notice a crack in one of your teeth, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. The slightest chewing or moving of the jaw could cause the crack to move further and into the gum line, which could cause some significant damage.

Maybe it's been years since you've seen a dentist. You might be embarrassed to go now since you haven't taken the best care of your oral health, but it should still be made a priority. Here are some things to be precautions you can take to help prevent further issues and help you feel more ready for your dental visit.

Don't Further Damage the Tooth

If you worry that you are going to damage it by brushing, brush around the tooth and rinse with mouthwash until you can get in. This way you can make sure that you have a clean mouth when you are seen, and you want to try to keep the bacteria and debris away from the tooth that is damaged. Gentle brushing and gentle rinsing is necessary with caution.

Be Cognitive of Infection

You need to be aware that there is a chance that you could get an infection inside the root of the tooth or below the gum line, depending on how bad the damage is. If there is a lot of swelling, burning, and pain and the crack has been there for a few days, you want to get the dentist right away in case you need an antibiotic.

An oral health infection can be very dangerous, potentially fatal if it gets into the bloodstream and goes too long without necessary medical attention. Watch for the signs of infection until you are able to be seen.

Consider Long Term Options

The size of the crack will affect what treatment option is best. If you have a small crack and the dentist thinks that the tooth could be preserved if it's filed and capped off with a crown, this may be an affordable and fast option.

If more damage is done, a dental implant or a bridge could be necessary. Talk with the dentist about their recommendation, what fits your budget, and what will be the longest lasting.

It doesn't matter how long it's been since you have had a proper dental cleaning. If you have cracked your teeth, feel pain, or see swelling on your gums, get to a dentist right away. The sooner you can preserve your smile the better.