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Is It Cheaper To Pull A Tooth Or Get A Crown?

Theoretically, it is much cheaper to extract a tooth than save it. Tooth extraction is cheaper in terms of time and cost. In reality, teeth extraction costs are higher than many anticipate. You will spend more time in the dentist's chair picking a replacement option, prepping your mouth, and getting the replacement. 

Saving your tooth is pricier in the short term but better in the long term. Here is why. 

Helps Avoid Bone Loss 

Extracting one or several teeth leaves your jaw bone with spaces. Teeth are needed to stimulate the jaw bone and promote growth. Without the teeth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate. Over time, you will experience jaw bone loss and shrinking. 

This continued shrinking reduces the stability of the remaining teeth. Without adequate support, the remaining teeth begin to lean and shift. This movement towards the gap causes a domino effect that may eventually lead to further tooth loss. 

Protects Worn Out Teeth 

Not every worn-out tooth needs extraction or replacement. You can restore a cracked tooth with a dental crown. You will save the tooth and avoid the additional cost of replacement. 

Offers a Longer Lasting Solution  

Tooth extraction is a short-term remedy. It will eliminate the pain, headaches, and struggles with food. However, tooth extraction leaves a gaping hole that presents additional challenges if not filled. 

Getting a dental crown may offer a better alternative if you prefer to save your teeth. On average, dental crowns can last about 10 years, depending on oral hygiene and care. Your eating habits may also increase the wear and tear on your dental crown. The material used to make the dental crown is also a determining factor in longevity. 

When Is It Cheaper to Extract a Tooth?  

Tooth extraction is cheaper but shouldn't be the go-to option when a tooth is aching, broken, or has cavities. Some teeth can be fixed, and others can't. Ideally, maintain your teeth and observe proper oral hygiene. 

These practices will save your teeth from dental cavities and other issues. If your teeth are severely damaged, getting dental crowns might not offer the ideal solution. Consult a dentist to confirm whether extraction is better than getting a dental crown for your severely damaged tooth. 

If the goal is to save money in the short term, an extraction might be better for you. However, to save the tooth and money in the long term, getting a dental crown is better. 

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